going though anesthetic would u profer?

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Wow its been all go go go around here, well I say that but really its not Iv just had Mum and Dad come back of holiday so spent time with Mum while Dad was at work and then theres the end of term things at school to do, Jack is doing so well Im one very proud Mum with all his work his trying so very hard and its really paying off.
Paul is really working hard to his putting the potatos into the growed sounds so easy but its not its long hours (mon-fri 5.30am till 7pm, sat 5.30am till 6pm, sun 5.30am-12) which will come in handly but I feel like I'm tucking up my to babys at silly early o clock every night and the house is all down to me to sort out, he wanted the fish tanks and there left down to me to clean, we have a tap that needs changing which will be left to me to get and maybe even fit, Im staying up later to do jobs once his gone to bed and there still piling up which im sure will all be done at some point just want everything done before I go into hospital incase Im layed up for a couple of days, he doesent think that I maybe starting to shit myself and thinking about it alot more as theres only 4 more days till the op and its been 15 years since I was in for an op so things change my body changes and Im hoping Im not sick like I always was when I was younger we will just have to wait and see.
Ill try get my laptop up stairs or maybe go on my phone to let you no how well it went but Wednesday Ill be sleeping most of day I hope then Thursday I would like to go out with Mum and Jack to an easter egg hunt which is hopeful thinking I feel.
Well its gone 12 at night and I guess I should be thinking about going to bed so night night sweet dreams x

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