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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

About Me

Thought I would start by telling you about Me and My life so far, I'm Laura, I'm 29 and live in Norfolk, UK.
Iv had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome "Pcos" since..... feels like forever, since I was 18ish, I started out by just having irregular periods, and weight gain, I went to my GP with my symptoms, bloods were done and they came back looking like iI had pcos, but I would have to wait for a scan. The NHS list was 6 months, so my mum and dad paid for a private scan to find out there and then, there was nothing needed doing at the time until I wanted to start a family which was a year later, I came of my contraceptive pill and just done things slowly, at first it was so hard every month pasted by tears from realising I wasn't going to have a baby I had dreamed of for a very long time.
But two years later it happened, I was in shock, after talking about IVF, and other ways of having a baby, there was this little baby growing inside of me, I didn't think about miscarriages, I just enjoyed my stages of pregnancy.
The more I had morning sickness the happier I was, my hormones were up and I was glowing, I was the one walking down the road with my bump, I loved from the moment it was put there.
Nine months pasted and at 10.30pm I went to hospital 6 hours later and my baby lay in my arms, my angel from heaven sent down to me after all this time, I had a baby boy Jack, 8lb 2oz and I enjoyed and still enjoy every minute of him.
Jacks 7 year old and as much as people look down on it, it was out of my hands and a very big shock to me but Jacks dad left use when he was five, so my life had to start over, Jack made me smile more then his dad ever did so it was easy to dust myself off and start dating again as hard as that was as well, but when I wasn't looking as you do I found the love of my life though a friend, we were friends at first, went out as a group with Jack he loved going places and as he is a farmer it was easy for Jack to enjoy his time with him.
His name is Paul but I call him bubble, his 20 years old and know lives with me and Jack, I never held back on telling him about my pcos, by the time I met him I was struggling with my hair, periods every 3months, weight gain and at times mood swings, low and high points which had been happening for some years.
But he was happy to take this all on so to say.
So here we are been together for coming up for 3years and Feb 2012 we are hoping to get married but we are not booking anything till closer to the time as we are trying for a baby.
I came of the pill November 2010 and have opened this blog so that people maybe like me with pcos are going though. I am going to the hospital in a couple of days time so will let you know how I get on. x

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