going though anesthetic would u profer?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

What a morning

Been feeling sick all day unless asleep but im not normally sick. Last night didnt even feel sick but today im being sick feeling really bad but still got a 9 year old to get to school and me to work its going to be a fun day x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Weve done it!!!!!!

So its been a while but so much has changed. 4 weeks ago i started a new job at my sons school guess iv had my head thinking to much about anything better coming my way but it has last weekend i was sick as a dog all weekend monday i phoned work said i had tummy bug felt a little better on the monday but tuesday morning was ill again mums been taking jack to school come back and asked if i was pregneant well i thought ill do a test but i wont be i havent had a period in ages so i cant be............... BUT GUESS WHAT i am we are having a baby we think were about 7 weeks cant wait to see midwife and book scan just cant wait to see him or her. The morning sickness is bad all day bad but we are getting better. Im so tired all the time and its the first our house has been a mess which is not right for me but im sure things will change. Daddy cant wait his been a rock for me helping shame his not had time for cleaning lol well its getting close 2 bed time so best say night. Also only are mums and dads have been told so dont tell anyone till were 12 weeks xxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Wow its been all go go go around here, well I say that but really its not Iv just had Mum and Dad come back of holiday so spent time with Mum while Dad was at work and then theres the end of term things at school to do, Jack is doing so well Im one very proud Mum with all his work his trying so very hard and its really paying off.
Paul is really working hard to his putting the potatos into the growed sounds so easy but its not its long hours (mon-fri 5.30am till 7pm, sat 5.30am till 6pm, sun 5.30am-12) which will come in handly but I feel like I'm tucking up my to babys at silly early o clock every night and the house is all down to me to sort out, he wanted the fish tanks and there left down to me to clean, we have a tap that needs changing which will be left to me to get and maybe even fit, Im staying up later to do jobs once his gone to bed and there still piling up which im sure will all be done at some point just want everything done before I go into hospital incase Im layed up for a couple of days, he doesent think that I maybe starting to shit myself and thinking about it alot more as theres only 4 more days till the op and its been 15 years since I was in for an op so things change my body changes and Im hoping Im not sick like I always was when I was younger we will just have to wait and see.
Ill try get my laptop up stairs or maybe go on my phone to let you no how well it went but Wednesday Ill be sleeping most of day I hope then Thursday I would like to go out with Mum and Jack to an easter egg hunt which is hopeful thinking I feel.
Well its gone 12 at night and I guess I should be thinking about going to bed so night night sweet dreams x

Monday, 19 March 2012

My weekend

Had a lovely weekend, went shopping Saturday for wallpaper and once we had it every1 wanted it up so that's what we done stripped old off Sunday morning b4 goin out for dinner for mothers day which was very yummy, got a lovely box of chocs and a teddy like we got jack at Christmas but with a lovely pink bow, Sunday nite got jack 2 bed and set 2 putting wallpaper up in hallway. It's looking lovely as u can see, just down stairs 2 do next but got 2 move fish take and tv unit out so not looking forward to that day x Monday is here and I have my pre op 2day just want 2 stay in bed all day but things to do people 2 take 2 school x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

DIY day x

lovely day for some more diy, did have a little helper till someone come round to see if he wanted to come out to play and his off and gone.
So like always its me by myself painting the kitchen and bathroom as we hope to sell very soon, if a 3 bed becomes avable in this area which is taking its time. So of I go doing some painting the joys x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Some pics from the past x

A little day trip last year 2011.

Jack with our god daughter casey-mae, we had so much fun on our day out x

Jack got to feed the sheep.

Paul and Jacks first trip out x

1 of our first family pics together x

Sunday mess around on the bed x

Jack with his pumkins, that he picked from the field in 2010, 2011 we grow our own x

Our very little snow man or is that snow lady as it has a pink hat??

Our first family holiday Feb 2012 x

Our first new years eve party together, pppuuurrr hehe x

Jazmin our very old dog that came away on our honeymoon to get away from the pup for a week x

Finally my Mum and Dad,with out them I wouldnt be here today, I thank them for who I am today, and standing by me though the good times and the bad xxxxx

Lovely day.

Awoke to fog looking really bad day but couple of hours later and its so sunny out there makes you realise that the summer is on its way to this lovely part of norfolk, we've got our veg patch up and running with our seeds in our green house that we got for an early easter gift instead of an egg, still trying with the weight so thought it would be the best way to loss weight get the green house that will give use veg for rest of year cant go wrong right.
Last night was spend sealing the kitchen so am cleaning up after the mess we made last night.
 Paul started early today up just before 6am so must mean the summer is on its way, de-stoning will pay back the rest of the wedding which is lovely to finally do, He thanked me last night so I had to ask what for, It was because I was so understanding about his work????? Is that not what a wife is ment to do?? he loves his job and theres not many people that can say that so Im happy his happy. Its only every now and again that it gets me down about him working on the farm. When we get invited out and his late that really upsets me but you can understand that as I dont want to go on my own even tho he tells me to go on without him, Were together and I feel that we should do things together.
 Jacks got after school club today (gardening club) which means I dont need to pick him up till 4.15pm gives me time to sort out down stairs before he gets home.
 Well washing is out on the line enjoying the warm air and I best get on with this kitchen before school run.
 Im feeling very lost as I havent got my best mate around me at the momment (my mum) she is my life and theres not many days that we dont see each other, hope there having a lovely holiday and the weather is as good there as it is here, cant help missing her x