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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Weve done it!!!!!!

So its been a while but so much has changed. 4 weeks ago i started a new job at my sons school guess iv had my head thinking to much about anything better coming my way but it has last weekend i was sick as a dog all weekend monday i phoned work said i had tummy bug felt a little better on the monday but tuesday morning was ill again mums been taking jack to school come back and asked if i was pregneant well i thought ill do a test but i wont be i havent had a period in ages so i cant be............... BUT GUESS WHAT i am we are having a baby we think were about 7 weeks cant wait to see midwife and book scan just cant wait to see him or her. The morning sickness is bad all day bad but we are getting better. Im so tired all the time and its the first our house has been a mess which is not right for me but im sure things will change. Daddy cant wait his been a rock for me helping shame his not had time for cleaning lol well its getting close 2 bed time so best say night. Also only are mums and dads have been told so dont tell anyone till were 12 weeks xxxxxxxxxxxx

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