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Thursday, 8 March 2012

so so long but gd news

well its been a while but so much has changed, as im sure you can see in febuary I got married, had the best day with so may smiles and happy faces around me, makes me realise how luck i am to have my lil man and all my family.
Its another spring and all the bumps are coming out :(
Im happy for them all but its been 18 months of waiting for us, we had a relaxing honeymoon with a hot tube and after I did wonder if that may have worked, i no i shouldnt think about it so much but i do, after being close to my partner i lay there thinking is this it, is this the day it starts.
There is some good news just before the wedding and on the day its self I had my first period in 6 months so fingers crossed things r starting to work out, im still trying to loss the wieght but that is harder then I ever would have thought.
Got another hospital appointment next month so will have to wait and see what they say.
Also got a couple of ops coming up so its going to be busy around this house again, what with starting up a little craft busness that iv been thinking about for a while.
going to try get this blogg on my phone so can keep you updated more, you may not want me to talk more, please let me no your views x

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